I have learnt many things during my time studying DIT at Tawa College, some examples of things we did are: Photoshop, llustrator, Scratch, Html/CSS

Below is a more detailed description of the tools I have used and how skilled I am at using them:

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Software/Programming Skills


Photoshop is a tool used for image manipulation and editing. It is one of the most popular and most used software for that purpose. I enjoyed using the program for editing photos. In my DIT class we used photoshop quite a lot and I learnt many things for example: how to manage the layers on a photo and how to create new layers, how to change the hue and saturation of an image, changing the order of layers, cutting and selecting different parts of an image and much more. I think that I have a fair amount of skill using the software.

This is an assesment we had this year, we were supposed to make a poster for the WOW fashion show. We worked with photoshop, Illustrator and we also used Indesign to help create our booklet. My grade in this assesment was a merit, I think I did pretty well. This assesment is where I learnt most of my photoshop and Illustrator skills. I used many photoshop and Illustrator skills which included hue and saturation, managing layers, cutting out pieces of an image and pasting them somewhere else.


Illustrator is a program that is really similar to Photoshop but it is a vector-based program meaning that it is better for crating texts and logos that will probably change sizes. My skills with Illustrator are good and I have used it before in a number of occasions for creating logos. I learnt how to many things which include: using the pen tool to create and manipulate different shapes, I learnt how to create the outlines of shapes to manipulate them, I also know how to different text options like font and size to create good looking logos.


Scratch is a website designed with the purpose of teaching the idea of programming to people who do not have much experience with the subject. In the website, you program your own games and you can share, play other peoples games and just have fun with yours and other peoples creations. I learnt how to use different blocks of code in the website and I think that I have quite a good experience with scratch being able to understand and use all the blocks of codes.

This year in DIT class, we had an assesment which was to create a Scratch game, the aim of the game was to teach younger people about the topic of road safety and we tried to convey our message across as best we could. It was worth a few credits and I got a merit in it, my group created a game called Downtown Rush, we never finished the game but you can still play it (click on the image to the right -->).


Html and CSS is the one I enjoy working with the most as I think of it more like a puzzle. I think my skils with Html and CSS are very good, my biggest problem when designing websites is not the coding itself but the design, I never had a very good eye for design. In year 9, we studied a bit of Html but I learnt most of my skills in year 10 DIT. I can use html to: Add links, lists, paragraphs, headings, divs, spans and other tags. In CSS, I can: style links, texts, fonts, colors, sizes, id and classes for different divs and spans.

This year, the biggest assesment we had in html and CSS was this website. As you can see, my skills in html are not bad and I think I can use the language with ease.